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Naomi Campbell: 6 things we learned

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Naomi Campbell has many jobs: She’s a television personality, an activist,an entrepreneur and, of course, a model. She has many talents, but twerking — you know, dropping it like it’s hot — isn’t one of them. This was just one of several revelations during a recent Town Hall Q&A with Campbell held at SiriusXM in New York City with designer Diane von Furtstenberg firing questions as moderator. EW was on the scene — and walked away with a few “no way, really?” discoveries about the British supermodel:

She originally wanted to be a ballet dancer: “I looked up to my mother,” Campbell said of her mother, dancer Valerie Morris. “And I wanted to be a contemporary ballet dancer. I love jazz, I love any type of movement — that’s what I wanted to be.”

She can’t twerk — and don’t ask her: “I don’t know how to twerk,” Campbell admitted. “I don’t think I want to know how to twerk. And I’m not sure if I’ll ever be an example of how to twerk.” And she doesn’t consider it a necessary skill in the millennial age either, advising girls to “do their exams first” before taking on the challenges of a modeling career.

She wants to show off her funny side: “I want to be on Saturday Night Live,” Campbell said, revealing that she’s launched an informal campaign to earn the show’s attention. “They should know it now!”

She wants to have a baby: “I’m at an age where I’ve decided I do want to have a baby,” the 43-year-old said. “Yes or no — I’ve always spoken about children so many times in my interviews over the years. I do want to have a baby. And whether I’m with a man or not, I will have it on my own.”

But she’s already a mother — kind of: The executive producer and coach of Oxygen’s The Face says she most enjoys her time spent with the female contestants. “I love mentoring,” she said of the reality show competition. “You’re with them day in and day out for 10 weeks, and suddenly when it’s finished, you get down. You miss them. I miss them. I get depressed when I’m not with my girls any more.”

She’s intent on keeping her private life, well, private: “It’s because I’m thinking of the other person and I don’t want to expose them,” Campbell said about staying mum on her romantic life. “It’s a double-edged sword, really.”


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