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10 Ways to Look Like a Million Bucks on a Budget


For women, there’s always been some kind of pressure to look good. But it seems that now, with social media’s reign, we’re more than ever exposed to expensive fashion and told it’s the only way to be stylish. Happily, we know that’s not true!

You can look just as good on a budget, if you know a few basic tricks. Just because you don’t have the cash, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to look cheap.

Buy the basics

Basic clothes may not sound very exciting, but they’re actually the timeless side of fashion. Instead of following trends that come and go, you should invest in pieces that will last forever: a white button down shirt, a wrap dress, a good pair of jeans and so on.

Be you

Again, instead of following the trends, wear what looks good on you! Clothes that have the proper cut, fit and color will look better on you than any of that expensive stuff that’s impossible to wear. Know your body and your style, and dress accordingly.

Don’t buy fast fashion

It may be tempting to go for the cheap stuff, but it’s not worth it in the long term. Poorly made clothes won’t last through the month, and no one’s gonna give you your money back. One thing you can do is buy high-street/designer collaborative collections, which will save you some money on your most coveted designer pieces (e.g. Vivienne Westwood for Asos, Peter Pilotto for Target etc.)

Be creative

It’s easier said than done, but you can surely make the most of your wardrobe! Layer a skirt over a dress and you’ve got a whole new outfit. Cut off those old jeans and you’ve got the shorts of your dreams. Always look for versatile pieces that can have more than one utility, such as button down shirts, pinafore dresses and two-faced jackets.

Go thrifting

Some people avoid thrifting due to pride. We think they’re wrong. Thrifting is perfectly acceptable, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t look back. You can find amazing, unique pieces in second-hand shops, including vintage designer pieces if you’re lucky. A more advanced form of thrifting? eBay.

Shop the sales

Nowadays, every shop has huge sales once or twice a year. Find out when that is, and only shop then. Full-priced items are for fools: what you need is a good deal on that lovely bag you were looking at. Especially online, there are almost always discounts available, whether it’s free shipping or 20% off on your next purchase.

Shop off season

No one wants to think about wool coats in the middle of the summer heat, nor about sandals in the dead of winter. And yet, there’s no better time to get a bargain than in the opposite season! Put on your spring outfit and go look for some discounted boots!


One thing that you should invest in are accessories. They’re the most affordable part of fashion, and it’s important that they’re good quality.  Always choose designer sunglasses! While a pair of knockoff sunglasses may look pretty, they’re harming your eyes instead of protecting them. The same can be said about toxic metal in some cheap jewelry, or shoes that are made of synthetic materials.

Take care of your clothes

Always read the instructions label before cleaning your clothes, drying them or ironing. You don’t want the unpleasant surprise of a shrunken angora wool sweater that you just scored at the sales.

Take care of yourself

Clean, simply styled hair and proper nails can look like a million bucks! You don’t need any fancy products for this, just make sure you are always groomed and neat.


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