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Plus-Sized Style Tips From An Empowered Fashionista’


Jessica Frieling knows fashion, photography, styling, and makeup She’s worked in film, theater, music videos, and television. She’s also a “big girl” and she’s unabashed when it comes to talking about her style and the fashion trade. “When the fashion industry defines “plus-sized” as a size 10 and a model a size 0-2, you have to wonder where reality begins and ends. The average American woman is a size 12,” Frieling says.

No matter your size, we found Frieling an inspiration. Her insights about negative body image and women’s self-doubts were unmarked and revolutionary. “Perfection is designed (often by Photoshop) to make us want to buy something. The issues of size are not about Plus Sized versus “healthy”, versus thin, the concern is the acceptance of women of all sizes,” she says.

Jessica F. at the beach in Santa Monica.

But for the sake of having to get dressed everyday, happy with our bodies or not, Frieling shares her style tips on dressing for larger sized women.

1. Ignore the size on the tag. It’s just a number, and what matters is how the piece looks on you and well it fits. For trendy and flattering collections check out’s Curve & Inspired section.

2. Stop hiding and apologizing. Start by adding color. You’re not going to look any smaller with a beige dress. “I wear bold colors, prints, and sequins,” Frieling says.

3. Bigger isn’t better. Bigger women think if a piece is over-sized, it’ll make their bodies look thinner—not! Don’t wear it tight, it must fit right–Frieling’s mantra. If you’re not sure of your size or what’ll good on you, look for great styling help on IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel.

4. When it comes to beauty aka makeup, forget all the rules. Who says you can’t do smoky eyes, bold lips, pony tails, or liquid foundation?

5. Every woman has a small obsession with heels. Frieling recommends Steve Madden. Saying the brand fits her feet well and she’s a lover of 90′s Spice Girl platform styles.  Freiling is also a huge proponent of boots for plus-sized girls. For boots she says she goes to–a fashion site for sizes 12-28, offering clothing, shoes, accessories, and style advice.

* Plus tip from Frieling: Do Not Be Afraid To Rock Skinny Jeans! Wear them with boots or a cute tunic top. “If you’re comfortable, and you feel good, wear what you want.”


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