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9 Most Eccentric Pop Stars


There are a lot of eccentric celebrities, especially pop stars, and sometimes it makes me wonder whether they go into music to express their personality, or it’s all part of their act, or maybe it is a little of both. Most pop stars add some color to the music scene, which seems a dull place without them. So let’s look over a list of 9 most eccentric pop stars.

1. David Bowie


There isn’t probably any eccentric pop stars who can teach something David Bowie, and there is nothing they could do that he hasn’t already done. Nowadays David is leading rather a quiet life, but in the past he has done a lot to keep the music fans entertained!

2. Michael Jackson


Even if you disregard 90% of what was reported about Michael Jackson, he is still in the list of the most eccentric pop stars. And it’s a great pity that his lustrous talent became lost among his strange behavior and lifestyle.

3. Bjork


With a name that is absolutely normal in Iceland, but sounds odd to the most of us, it seems that Bjork has been born to be among the most eccentric pop stars! Her out-of-the-way outfits simply add to her crazy image! By the way, do you remember the swan dress she wore to the Oscars?

4. Lady Gaga


Without doubt Lady Gaga is one of the most colorful pop stars around! She has never been seen without an extraordinary outfit! Can you just imagine her wearing a t-shirt and jeans? I can’t. Whether you’re her fan or not, Lady Gaga certainly lives up to her name!

5. Julian Cope


Can you name me pop stars who claim to be specialists on ancient standing stones? In his day, Julian Cope got up to some wild antics, but now he doesn’t show any sign of mellowing. While earning a reputation for outrageous behavior including on stage, he managed to record a lot of great songs.

6. Elton John


Elton John is another eccentric pop star, who was well known for his strange lifestyle before a number of today’s pop stars were born. Nowadays his style has calmed down a little, but he can still host a really wild party.

7. Frank Zappa


Frank Zappa is also one of the most eccentric celebrities. People could thank him for starting the odd celebrity child name by calling his kids Moon Unit and Dweezil. If you don’t know who is Frank Zappa, listen to some of his music, and you’ll understand everything!

8. Prince


Most pop stars often change their name, but only Prince had changed it to a symbol, probably in protest at being greatly controlled by his record company. This famous pint-sized singer was well known for his strange character and flamboyant outfits.

9. Gucci Mane


I’m sure many of you will agree that Gucci Mane is one of the most eccentric celebrities. Just look at the picture, he has the ice cream cone with three scoops facial tattoo completed with the word “Brrr.” I can’t say that it’s a terrible tattoo, it’s just weird. And I don’t think that someone of you wants to get the same tattoo, unless you really love ice cream.

There are many eccentric pop stars, but these are celebs who really stand out for their efforts to appear even much madder than they are.


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