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9 Celebs Who Are Famous Because of Their Parents


Today there are lots of celebs with famous parents, so it’s no surprise that most of them are famous because of their parents, and that they’d never have established their career without family connections. And maybe you’ve ever noticed that most of the so-called celebrities do not have any talent of their own. Here is the list of 9 celebs who are famous because of their famous parents.

1. Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian became famous just because her dad was OJ Simpson’s defense lawyer. She is among those celebrities who are famous for no good reason.

2. Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne is one of the most annoying celebs with famous parents. She is always in the papers in spite of having failed to build a career of substance. But somehow, she has managed to get presenting jobs. Maybe it’s because of her surname?

3. Pixie and Peaches Geldof


Have you ever thought why Pixie and Peaches Geldof are so famous? Peaches has tried her hand at journalism, presenting and modeling, and Pixie has managed to bag a few advertising campaigns. Without a doubt the Geldof name helped them!

4. Jaden and Willow Smith


Both Jaden and Willow Smith have followed in their parents’ footsteps: Jaden has gone into acting, and Willow into singing. Maybe they are talented, but it’s obvious that their famous parents have helped them.

5. Chelsea Clinton


Chelsea Clinton has been followed in the media since she’s a young girl. Now she is still featured in the press, even though she has done nothing to encourage it.

6. Georgia and Lizzy Jagger


Georgia and Lizzy Jagger are pretty enough, but are they actually model material? Has having a model mother and a rock star father been influential in their career choices and success?

7. Bristol Palin

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Bristol Palin is famous because of her famous mom. Despite having any talent, Bristol has appeared on numerous reality shows and she’s even released her memoir. She was only twenty at the time.

8. Bryce Dallas Howard


With her red hair and pretty smile, it becomes clear that Bryce Dallas Howard is a daughter of famous producer Ron Howard. The oldest of four children, Bryce made her screen debut in her dad’s movie Parenthood and she went on to have some small roles in movies. Some of her most financially successful movies are Spider-Man 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

9. Scout, Rumer and Tallulah Willis


Okay, when you have 2 acting parents, it’s no wonder that you want to go into acting yourself. Three sisters Scout, Rumer and Tallulah Willis have two acting parents and they are always appearing at events and in the papers. But I wonder, what have they actually done to be so famous?


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