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Vacation Package Tips You’ll Actually Use This Summer


You don’t need to be a contestant on TV’s Wheel of Fortune to score a great vacation package–all you need is access to a computer. These days it’s a breeze to browse, and by checking out an array of packages, and tips on booking, you’ll discover huge savings when it comes time for your next travel adventure.

Although many travelers have grown skeptical of these packages after the disappointing tradeoffs like unnecessarily early flights, multiple flight connections, and dingy hotels, online travel agencies have taken note and now try to offer you as many savings as possible without the undesirable trade0ffs.  Travelocity has now created a package that allows constumers to shop for alternate flight and hotel options if the cheapest one is not what they want.

1. Traveling during an off-season is one of the best ways to earn package deals. Kiplinger, a renowned business and finance magazine, offers some tips to use in order to take full advantage of off-season vacation opportunities.

2. Frequent-flier miles – you can book bundles directly through air carriers, such as American Airlines and Delta, and even use your miles to pay.

3. Online travel agencies -Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz offer bundled bargains! But don’t forget to check packages offered by airlines.  Smaller travel operators can pack in big savings. For example,Gate 1 Travel sends a regular email newsletter with its latest vacation packages.

4. All-inclusive is where it’s at. All-inclusive deals – paying just once for your entire vacation will make it easier to stay within your budget, especially when bringing along the kids.

5. Just to be sure…Price it a la carte -Although it isn’t as convenient as the “one stop shop” feature of all-inclusive packages offered online,  research prices for all of the elements separately to see if a package does in fact save you.

For example, a six night stay in one of Jamaica’s leading resorts and spas (Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa), plus a round-trip for a family of three, will cost you just below $6,000. This doesn’t include taxes or airline/agency fees. But with, you can have the exact same vacation with an all-inclusive package (includes taxes and other fee’s) at the total price of about $4,000. You do the math.

If you find that it does not save you, consider dumping the package or opting out of the hotel portion.

By taking full advantage of these helpful tips, the pressure of brushing up on your vocabulary in order to earn a vacation package with Vanna White by your side is gone!

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