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Handmade Mother’s Day Cards


Why give a store bought card when you can easily make your own?

No matter the occasion, handmade cars are always appreciated. They are an inexpensive way to show someone that you love them. A homeade greeting card will add a little more love to any Mother’s Day festivities. You can include it on her breakfast tray in bed or surprise her when she gets home from work by leaving it where she puts her belongings away.

These handmade Mother’s Day cards are easy and a lots of fun to make! Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create something just for Mom. Declare your love with these unique handcrafted greetings, which kids can make on their own or with minimal adult assistance.

Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

cute girl with painted hands and face

Time Required:

  • 30 minutes plus drying time

Materials Needed:

  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Permanent Adhesive Runner
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Ribbon
  • Foam Mounting Dots
  • Package of Cards & Envelopes


1. Choose a style of scrapbook paper suitable for the background of the handprint. Using the acrylic paint, make a handprint of the child’s hand onto the paper and let dry.

2. Cut the scrapbook paper to a 4×6 size and adhere to the card after centering it using the adhesive runner.

3. Cut out the handprint and adhere to the center of the card using the foam mounting dots.

4. Place ribbon under the handprint and tie a knot in the middle. Then trim the ends of the ribbon.

Pot Scrubbie Flower Card

This is a fun and inexpensive card to make for Mother’s Day. The pot scrubbers only cost about $1 for a four-pack. Maybe the kids can make one for Grandma, too!

Time Required:

  • 10 minutes

Material Needed:

  • Pot scrubbers
  • Brad or fastener
  • Colored cardstock
  • Computer paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. Fold the cardstock in half, as this will be your card.

2. Use the computer paper to type out a poem to Mom and then cut the poem out with some decorative scissors.

3. Glue the poem to the front of the card.

4. Make some flower leaves and a stem for the flower with green paper and glue these to the card.

5. Push a brad or fastener through the middle of the pot scrubber and attach it to the card.

6. Write a sweet message on the inside of the card and give it to Mom.


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