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This clip shocked the world. Midwife beating baby ( 18 + )


Sofian prosecutor’s office has attracted Emilia Kovacheva who made an delibaretely attempt to kill 4 years old baby. The information is from yesterday’s governemental institutuion. On 14 April in “Sofiamed” hospital had been delivered baby in good condition. On the same date Emilia Kovacheva was on work assigned as duty maternity nurse. She was continuing his shift on the night of 17/18 April. Prosecutor’s office reported that the new-born baby was in neonatology section. On 18 April around 02:00 a.m. the duty person started to beat the baby by hands and glass bottle for nutrition. The punches were on baby’s head and body. She was trying to choke the baby while press his neck by hands. As a result baby had received strong brain-skull trauma. Immediately the baby was sent to another hospital and has been taking treatments.

According to hospital’s director Jordan Pelev there were no complains from Emilia Kovacheva and her proficiency till now. He can not explain himself what was the reason for such kind of rude behavior and mentioned that “she was raised by spirits” on camera recordings.

There is internal inspection in the hospital. The nurse is out of job. Additionally Medical Nurses Organization will debate and approach itself and as a final decision her right for practise for future might be taken away. Emilia Kovacheva is detained for the time of 72 hours on the base of prosecuor’s ordinance. The prosecutor’s office is going to request for her permanent under guards arrest.

Video camera recordings from the hospital on duty time of Kovacheva are the main evidence. Hristov prosecutor has added – cameras show that around 02:00 a.m. on 17 April
maternity nurse hit against baby, supported by choke. It was continuing one hour and half. The prosecutor determined Kovacheva’s actions extremely violent.

The baby boy is better now. Hospital has reported that she reached her 10 days life, nutrition is good and she can breath alone.

There are no information for other additional traumas and hurts on her body. The observation proofs that there are no complications as results. Brain’s swelling is less, the baby is in contact and adequate condition as well as under 24/7 observation. Girl has been accomodated in other hospital at 20:30 p.m. on 18 April in bad condition. The multidisciplinary team determined brain-skull trauma resulted by external object. Brain’s swelling and bleeding in the brain was catched up on scanner. After possible reasons such as family trauma had been excluded, the decision that it was beating was done. The police was informed.


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